Rugs Are One Of A Kind Art Pieces

When we consider rugs for the home, we occasionally forget that a rug is a design choice and an artwork in its own right. Just as much as any canvas you may hang from your wall, so too can your designer rugs be proudly displayed

While perusing art we often want something original and high quality. It’s important to take the same approach when buying a one of a kind bespoke rug. You want your luxury rug to stand out as a unique piece of art.

Using the fifth wall to an aesthetic advantage


Think of your floor surface as the fifth wall. Like breaking the fourth wall in television and film, addressing the fifth wall in interior design can reinvent your home. Adding a style variation in this way takes your room somewhere new and experimental. .

There are several key things to think about when choosing a rug as an artwork and room feature. Size is crucial, both in terms of the size of the rug and its spacing in the room.

The bolder the pattern and colours the more space the piece will need in the room and the more minimal the rest of the rooms decor should be. A bright and and eye catching rug should be the focus of a room.

Additionally,it is important to stylistically match your rug with your decor. For instance if your room features antique furniture you may want to opt for a traditional style rug with a little modern twist such as the Persian Jewel Azure. Alternatively you could go for something super modern to contrast with traditional furnishings.

Look for thematic colours, but keep it subtle.

storm-aqua-Visualization-819x1024-1If you have a dark rug with colour details, like the Storm Aqua rug, try colour matching one of the blue shades with detailing in the room. For example, decorate with wall art, azure flower vases or and teal cushions. This will bring the room together so long as you don’t colour co-ordinate everything.

Using your bespoke rug as wall art

Consider using one of your vertical walls to display a rug rather than utilising the ‘fifth wall’ approach. Hanging a rug can have many interior design effects from a layered and dusky, Moroccan inspired look, to the focal point of a clean cut minimalist designed room.

Bazaar Velvet’s luxury rugs are made to the highest quality specifications and many, especially our one of a kind collection, can be viewed as art pieces in their own right.

When choosing a new rug for your room make sure you remember that the choices you make are as important as when you pick a new piece of artwork. Go for a bespoke rug with quality craftsmanship and unique design.

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