Shear Delights


At Bazaar Velvet, we are proud of the quality of our traditional and natural material. Of course, we are talking about wool, the best textile fibre for creating gorgeous and durable rugs.

The natural properties of wool make it stain resistant and hard wearing, with the traditional woolen rugs going back to ancient times

There are many different types of wool, and each is unique as the sheep it is gathered from. Many factors go into determining the quality of wool used in each rug, from the sheep’s breed, age and diet, to the way its wool has been taken care of and sheared.

There are many types of wool suitable for making rugs such as Ghazni wool from the Middle East or mass-produced New Zealand wool.

At Bazaar, we use luxurious Himalayan wool in our designer rugs, which is naturally rich in lanolin; this gives both gives a silky luxurious finish to the rugs and repels moisture.

The strength of the Himalayan fibres comes from the extremely cold, high altitude conditions that Himalayan sheep can withstand: as a result, the wool is extremely dense, strong and soft.

Interestingly, cashmere comes from the same region, where mountain goats survive the freezing environment by growing an incredibly soft inner coat: six times finer than human hair.

Once the wool has been collected and sorted by colour, the wool is carded and spun by hand: although both these processes are time-consuming and costly, this is what gives hand knotted rugs true character.

Carding is the process whereby the fibres are separated and detangled, then assembled into a loose strand.

Hand spinning is carried out on a traditional spinning wheel and turned by pressing a pedal, which breaks down fewer fibres in comparison to a machine, making the wool stronger as a result. Hand spinning also produces slightly different thicknesses of the yarn, which gives the rug a more interesting texture.

Just as a strong house needs strong foundations and careful construction, a durable rug needs the best quality wool as well as care and attention going into the material. Thanks to this, our Bazaar Velvet rugs will last you a lifetime.

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