The second coming of punk.

When punk first ripped into the public’s consciousness back in the mid-70’s, it changed the meaning of fashion forever. Angry, raw, youthful and overtly sexual, its confrontational, effortless style profoundly influenced every aspect of fashion and design. Aspects of its trail-blazing style have been seen in every subversive style movement since, from goth to grunge to hipster. Yet with high fashion taking up the punk mantle, there’s no doubt that punk’s gone mainstream, and it’s here to stay.

Think Alexander McQueen’s couture skulls. Moschino’s bold graphic and graffiti-inspired prints and Viviane Westwood’s recent re-release of classic screen t-shirts from her original shop, SEX, which dressed and styled the Sex Pistols. Punk’s transformed from DIY youth-movement, to serious, sophisticated style. It’s all grown up and what’s more, it’s in our living rooms.

Once it was more synonymous with a burned-out squat than sophisticated cool. But now, a punk twist can add enviable edge to your interior, and it’s surprisingly versatile. Here’s our tips on how you can achieve some of punk’s key looks in your home.

1. Classic English Cool

This look is all about taking the classic, high-quality English country-home style interior and updating it with some modern, quirky punk accents. Think rich, muted woods, dark walls (plum and burgundy are a good place to start) and antique furniture. Then add bright, in-your-face accents: Union Jack colours are perfect for offsetting this look. This style comes from the ‘subvert-the-establishment’ ethos of the 70’s British punk movement, which mockingly mingled English classics with controversial images. A vintage leather Chesterfield sofa is a must, especially if it’s studded or nailed at the edges. An eklektic hand-knotted rug in bold colours, a scattering of screen-printed cushions and some out-there wall-art in bright frames completes the look.

Black sofa with england flag


2. Steam-Punk Chic

This ambitious, iconoclastic look is immensely unique and striking if pulled off properly – and it’s not as hard as it looks. This look is all about Victorian elegance meets industrialism and machinery – think visible pipes, exposed brick, beaten copper, intricately detailed wall-paper, filament lamps and exposed machinery. A polished hard-wood floor with a subtly complementary hand knotted rug is a must – this look is all about quality and comfort meeting industrial hardware.




Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.09.21

Source: Loft Conversions Bristol


Source: Wikipedia

3. Go-Hard Graphics

A fresher, lighter take on punk-rock design, this look marries bright modern interiors with graphic twists, classic rock & roll posters or art work and punky twists and textures. Think zips, studs, leather, graffiti, white walls with bright accents, dark polished floors with an edgy, eklektic hand-knotted rug in clashing colours, and bold soft-furnishings. Metal furniture can add a DIY, industrial feel and if you happen to play the guitar, leave it on display in a wrought-iron stand. This look is all about relaxed, liveable, don’t-care chic.



Source: Wikipedia Mural

Whether you’re going for a big interiors overhaul or looking to update your living-room with a bit of effortless cool, remember that this is a playful, unconsidered look which shouldn’t be overthought. The last thing punk is is self-conscious. Punk is all about freedom from convention, energy and raw edge. Keep it stylish with high-quality materials, express your personality and don’t be afraid to be creative or try something new – punk is a philosophy as much as a fashion.

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